Craig Marsh, Len Buttner, Jeanette Ward
at Hamilton on Queen's Birthday weekend 2nd - 5th June 2006
  Craig was seriously ill, barely able to eat and slowly dying of cancer when God completely healed him on May 4, 1999. Recreating his stomach that had been largely removed by surgery. This is a most powerful testimony of God's healing power that everybody should hear.
   God has moved Craig and his wife, Jenni, into a global healing ministry. They now travel the world and see God manifest His glory and power, touching lives and hearts and healing bodies, often stunned himself at the magnitude of some of the healings.
   He is fully supported by his wife Jenni who stood by Craig every moment of a long period of intense suffering before his healing miracle.
     Len was born in South Africa.  In 1997 he resigned as a Senior Director of a Textile Group to migrate to New Zealand with his wife Linda, their two daughters.  He is currently working part-time as a consultant for a textile company while carrying out itinerant ministry.
    Len graduated from Bible College in 1994.
    He has a heart for people to be established in the prophetic and to teach the Body of Christ to hear the Shepherd's voice and to have a love relationship with the Lord as the Bride of Christ.
    He has a strong motivational and inspirational style, a sharp discernment gift, moves freely in the Spiritual Gifts, particularly in accurate prophetic. He is involved in a counselling and deliverance and generally helping numbers of people to come through into a greater victory in God.
   Jeanette, married 35 years and mother of three adult children. One grandaughter.
  She lives and teaches from the revelation of "Knowing Who You Are in Christ.".
   She has been Involved in heading The Rock Bible School, Facilitating Net Work Course, running Monthly Midweek Church Services and Intercessory Prayer Group.
   She graduated 4 yrs 'Ministry Internship Course' at Bible College New Zealand.
   She is presently overseeing the Rock Women's Ministry, Lay Pastor, Marriage Celebrant, Consultant to N.Z. National Board of Aglow, Teach/Encourage, Key Speaker at Family and Women's Retreats.
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Friday 2nd June
FGB06-D1  $10
Jeanette Ward "You Have A Destiny" watch free
listen free
FGB06-D2  $10 Craig Marsh "A Kairos Moment With God" watch free listen free
Saturday 3rd June
FGB06-D3  $10
Len Buttner "Testimony Of God's Calling" watch free listen free
FGB06-D4   $10
Len Buttner "The Voice Of God" watch free listen free
Craig Marsh "The Shape Of Answered Prayer" watch free listen free
FGB06-D5  $10
Jeanette Ward "The Authority Jesus Gives Us" watch free listen free
Jeanette Ward "Two Visions - Two Armies" watch free listen free
FGB06-D6  $10
Len Buttner "Destiny Calls" watch free listen free
Sunday 4th June
FGB06-D7  $10
Craig Marsh "The Power Of What We Say" watch free listen free
FGB06-D8  $10
Len Buttner "Ministry In The Market Place" watch free listen free
FGB06-D9  $10
Craig Marsh "The Key Of Intimacy" watch free listen free
Monday 5th June
FGB06-D10  $10
Craig Marsh "Walking In The Supernatural" watch free listen free
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