Selwyn Stevens, Mark & Martha Farmer
at Dunedin on Queen's Birthday weekend 1st - 4th June 2007

Mark & Martha Farmer
Mark Farmer emigrated from England to New Zealand and after a number of traumatic years came to Christ in 1976. Martha was born in Western Samoa and arrived in NZ aged eight.
The Farmer family spent a year in 1980 aboard MV Doulos in South America. Mark trained for the Presbyterian ministry in Dunedin and now serves in Warkworth. Mark and Martha have been involved jointly and separately in ministry and have a heart for broken people and are acutely aware of the need for mature Christian faith in this nation.
Selwyn Stevens
Selwyn Stevens is a best-selling author, international speaker and ordained minister. He is President of Jubilee Resources International, which is informing and equipping Christians across all denominations how to reach people with the Good News and those deceived in cults, the occult and secret societies.

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Friday 1st June
FGB07-D1  $10
FGBMFI Men "Testimonies" watch free
listen free
FGB07-D2  $10
Selwyn Stevens "What God Is Doing - He Wants Disciples" watch free listen free
FGB07-D3  $10
Martha Farmer "God's Plan 'A'" watch free listen free
FGB07-D4  $10
Mark Farmer "Pleading For Power" watch free listen free
Saturday 2nd June
FGB07-D5  $10
Selwyn Stevens "Testimony" watch free listen free
FGB07-D6  $10
Martha Farmer "In The Midst Of Trials" watch free listen free
FGB07-D7  $10
Selwyn Stevens a. "Spiritual Gifts" watch free listen free
Mark Farmer b. "A Spiritual Man For Today" watch free listen free
FGB07-D8  $10
Selwyn Stevens "Free From Generational Curses" watch free listen free
Sunday 3rd June
Mark Farmer "Pure, Peaceful, Passionate, Purposeful" watch free listen free
FGB07-D10  $10
Selwyn Stevens "The Ministry Of Healing" watch free listen free
FGB07-D11  $10
Mark Farmer "Bringing Your Pain To God" watch free listen free
Monday 4th June
FGB07-D12  $10
Martha Farmer "He's Never Failed Us Yet" #a watch free listen free
Mark Farmer "He's Never Failed Us Yet" #b listen free
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This 9 minute testimony is Martin's story of how he went to a meeting legally blind, but drove home!
It is a part of the video FGB07-D11 from the FGBMFI National Convention in 2007.

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