just in time
a conference addressing issues of
justice, reconciliation and honour
Sharon Cohn, Lucy ArgŁello Campo, Fawn Parish
at Tauranga, 3 - 5 September 2004
Sharon Cohn
Lucy ArgŁello Campo
Fawn Parish

Sharon Cohn currently serves as Vice-President of Interventions for International Justice Mission (IJM).

IJM provides hands-on operational field response to cases of human rights abuse referred by faith-based agencies around the world.

Based on these referrals, IJM conducts professional investigations of the abuse and mobilizes intervention on behalf of the victims.

Lucy ArgŁello Campo from Colombia, South America was a Law student at university when she was recruited by the M-19 guerrilla movement, and joined their radical military arm.

When she found Jesus a Saviour, and her life was radically transformed.

She realised that violence could not bring true justice, and became an Electoral officer in Columbia to bring forgiveness and reconciliation.

Fawn Parish is from Ventura, California, where she is on the board of International Reconciliation Coalition.

She is an elder with Lydia Prayer Fellowship International and director of Concerts of Prayer in Ventura.

Fawn is also a part of the Council for Christian Women in Leadership at Azusa Pacific University.
"Te Kete Raranga"
- The Woven Kit
The weaving of a Maori kete is an appropriate metaphor illustrating the intricacies of relationships. "Te Kete Raranga" is a production which provides a perspective on the covenantal relationships between Maori and Pakeha in the context of a multicultural Aotearoa New Zealand. Those involved in this drama and music production look to the weaving of the kete as a pattern for those relationships.
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Friday 3rd September 2004 Evening: Opening Session
JIT04-D1  $10
Mayor Jan Beange, Winston Peters MP,
Larry Baldock MP, Fiona Elvin, Jennie Milne
Opening Session watch free
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Saturday 4th September 2004 Morning
JIT04-D2  $10
a. Sharon Cohn      "Injustice" watch free listen free
b. Lucy ArgŁello Campo    "Forgiveness" watch free listen free
Saturday 4th September 2004 Afternoon
JIT04-D3  $10
a. Fawn Parish    "Honour" watch free listen free
b. Forum     c. Panel Discussion watch free listen free
Saturday 4th September 2004 Evening
JIT04-D4  $10
"Te Kete Raranga" - The Woven Kit
(A dramatic & musical production about Unity in Diversity)
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Sunday 5th September 2004 Afternoon
JIT04-D5  $10
a. Robert Earle  "Now What Can We Do?" watch free listen free
b. Reports from Organisations -  "Call To Action" watch free listen free
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