Discover Your God-Given Gift
What makes you tick?
Do you love to plan ahead, or take things as they come?
Do you prefer teaching believers, or evangelizing the unsaved?
We all love to discover things about ourselves.
A Video Seminar with
Don & Katie Fortune

Don & Katie Fortune live just outside Seattle, and have traveled the world teaching Christians about their motivational gifts for more than 32 years and in over 37 nations.

Katie was involved in Women's Aglow Fellowship from the beginning years as the Editor of AGLOW Magazine and producer of their TV series, as well as serving as an International Vice-president for 11 years.

Don has always been strongly involved in Church leadership and Missions.

Together they have developed and taught Motivational Gifts Seminars, resulting in 3 books: "Discover Your God-Given Gifts", "Discover Your Children's Gifts", and "Discover Your Spouse's Gifts".

This seminar was recorded in Auckland on May 5th, 2007
Don & Katie Fortune
Discover Your God-Given Gift  -  Seminar
MGS07-D1&2  Set of 2 DVDs  $45
MGS07-C1~C4  Set of 4 CDs  $30
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Extra workbooks $3 each
10 workbooks $20 / pack
Books by Don & Katie Fortune
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DYGGG $30 each
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DYCG $30 each
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DYSG $30 each
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A fascinating guide to realizing and
practicing your personal gifts.

Biblical handbook to help you discover . . .

  • Why you think and act the way you do
  • How gifts affect your relationships
  • What career or ministry suits you best
  • How using your gifts will bring you joy
  • How to overcome conflicts with others
  • God's purpose for creating you with gifts

A parent's handbook to recognize and
develop your children's God-given gifts

Biblical handbook to help you discover . . .

  • How gifting formulates a child's personality
  • How to encourage development of your child's gifts
  • New insights for effective communication
  • How to enhance your child's education
  • Ways to work well with teens
  • Insights for those who work with children

The key to making the mostof your marriage.

Biblical handbook to help you discover . . .

  • How gifts affect your marriage
  • How recognizing one another's gifts resolves conflicts
  • How to find joy in your God-gifted marriage
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