Speakers: J. John & Alun Davies
at Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, 5 - 7 October 2004
J John
Alun Davies
J.John, a Greek-Cypriot by birth, lives in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire. J.John became a Christian in 1975. Since then he has gained the position as one of the leading communicators of Christianity today. J.John has been described as refreshing, humorous, passionate, earthy, accessible and dynamic.
Having studied Theology at St John's College, Nottingham, J.John joined the staff of St Nicholas', an Anglican church in the centre of Nottingham.
He is married to Killy and they have 3 sons, Michael, Simeon and Benjamin.
Alun Davies is the Senior Minister of Faith! Christian Church in the Dandenong Region, Melbourne, and State President of the Assemblies of God Victoria.
Alun has over 30 years of experience in pastoral ministry. He is the founder and President of Harvest Bible College, graduating in excess of 1,600 students. He is also the President of 'We Care Community Services', a charity that feeds and clothes thousands of people each year in Melbourne.
Alun is married to Joan and they have three adult children.
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Tuesday 5th October 1004
EL04-D1  $10
J John
"Gaining God's Perspective" watch free
listen free
Wednesday 6th October 1004
EL04-D2  $10
J John
"Awakening The Giant" #1 watch free listen free
EL04-D3  $10
Alun Davies
"The Well" watch free listen free
EL04-D4  $10
Luke Brough
"Elim's Future" watch free listen free
EL04-D5  $10
Alun Davies
"Positioned For Success" watch free listen free
Thursday 7th October 1004
EL04-D6  $10
J John
"Awakening The Giant" #2 watch free listen free
EL04-D7  $10
Alun Davies
"The Land Of Promise" watch free listen free
EL04-D8  $10
Mike Sherwood
"Worlds Not Of Our Choosing" watch free listen free
EL04-D9  $10
J John "Evangelism" watch free listen free
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Alun Davies EL04-#3 "The Well"

With his Welsh humour Alun approaches the serious subject of finding the well of refreshing within ourselves. He shows us that our spiritual thirst is not quenched by a new book, a new truth, a new church, another conference, but by drawing up water from "The Well". If you sense you are running on empty, dry and thirsty, perhaps listening to this tape could lead you to the Source of "The Well".

Alun Davies EL04-#5 "Positioned For Success"

The title doesn't give enough clues about the content of this message, but in a very humorous way Alun uses the parable Jesus told about fertilising the fig tree to teach us how we should benefit from the bad stuff that comes to our lives.

J John EL04-#9 "Evangelism"

J John is a radically unique communicator with some radical ideas on this subject. He helps us to think "out of the square" about something we have come to do by "methods".

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