Feast Of Tabernacles Conference at Tauranga, 5th to 7th October, 2001
Beth Hachay Lechem - The House Of The Living Bread
Conference speaker: Dr Gary Collett from Jerusalem Ministries

Dr. Gary Collett, an American, is the International Director and Founder of Jerusalem Ministries International. Their vision is to focus on biblical archaeology as a means to promote God's truths as revealed in the Holy Scriptures. This would be done through:

  • Careful analysis of available information;
  • Pursuit of further excavations in the Qumran area where scrolls were uncovered some fifty years ago;
  • Cataloguing and sharing of new discoveries in keeping with existing ordinances;
  • Dissemination of findings through teachings designed to extol the veracity of God's word and win souls for His kingdom.

Two "digs" have taken place thus far with limited results, but a major effort is being organized for a new attempt, pending approval by the Israeli Department of Antiquities and the raising of the needed funds.

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 VIDEO 1 & 2  "Ashes To Wine: Introduction" & "Ashes To Wine: A Friend"
Why was Lazarus, who lived in what had been a Leper Colony, a friend of Christ? Why could this friendship have caused Jesus to be stoned? What were the difficulties Lazarus had in accepting Jesus as his friend? Why would Jesus allow the sisters of Lazarus to be as "family"? Through this in the Biblical setting and Jewish customs we will weave the identity of "just who Christ was/is" and "who did all those associated with Him think He was?" We will look at the first two miracles at Canaan with the Ashes of the Red Heifer and other of His miracles for understanding the problem(s) Lazarus had in accepting Jesus as a friend. (He also ties this into the importance for prophetically understanding for the days we now live in during all of the sessions.)

VIDEO 3  "Ashes To Wine: A City"
... Continues the setting of Lazarus and Bethany in relationship to Jerusalem as God's chosen. Why Jerusalem in Biblical current settings, including geology as well as Scriptures? How and why does the city show the placing of God's hand and name? Why would Jesus then accept Lazarus as a friend in relationship to the city of Jerusalem? What does/or should, Jerusalem mean to God/us today?

VIDEO 4  "A City For Tabernacles"
...What is Tabernacles when God is not bound by time? Why will Tabernacles be a "Time" "Stone" in God's plan?

"The Season of Our Joy - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"
A drama and dance presentation portraying the metaphor of the Feast of Tabernacles from Israel in the wilderness, the birth and ministry of Yashua HaMaschiach, Jesus our Saviour, to the coming millennial reign of the King of Kings.

VIDEO 5  "Prophetic Loose Ends"
Why so many differing interpretations?
Establishing contexts, definitions and relationships. That which is left out of the equation(s)/ time charts and etc. such as God's need, seven months, forty-five days, thirty days, ten days as well as 2300. Just "When" will Christ come? Not knowing the "Day and Hour" can we KNOW the season down to a few days time? Yes!

MRS COLLETT  "Living In Israel Today"
An overview of life in Israel today - points of interest and understanding for us in New Zealand

VIDEO 6  "Questions & Answers: The Way Forward"
Gary addresses general questions about his ministry in Israel, and how we can meaningfully participate in our support of Israel today, and other issues of interest that delegates may have. Including:

  • The way forward.
  • Do Believers in New Zealand have a responsibility towards our Messianic Brethren in Israel today, and to Israel in general?

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