Larry & Melanie Stockstill
Jack & Carol Hanes
at Tamaki CLC, Auckland, 10th - 12th August 2004
Larry Stockstill
Melanie Stockstill
Jack Hanes
Carol Hanes
Graham Davison
Pastor Larry Stockstill is Senior Pastor of Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and serves as one of the Overseers of Church of the Highlands.
Pastor Larry, Melanie, and their six children are faithful to the calling the Lord has placed on their lives. Their four oldest children presently serve in the Lord's work at Bethany.
Jack Hanes and his wife Carol are missionaries from Arizona to Australia. They now pastor Penrith Christian Centre. Jack has a heart for world missions, and this past year his church raised a million dollars for missions.
G12 Cells have changed the way things happen at the Penrith church, and both Jack and Carol have much to share about this vision.
Graham Davison is the pastor of Tamaki Christian Life Centre in Auckland, New Zealand. He has a vision to see G12 Cells expand his church and other churches thruought the country.
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Tuesday 10th August 2004
G1204-D1  $10
Graham Davison
"Journey To G12" watch free
listen free
G1204-D2  $10
Carol Hanes &
Sonia De Martin
"Leadership: What, Why & How" watch free listen free
G1204-D3  $10
Jack Hanes
"It's Not About Me" watch free listen free
Wednesday 11th August 2004
G1204-D4  $10
Jack Hanes
"The Tyranny Of A Low Self Esteem" watch free listen free
G1204-D5  $10
Larry Stockstill
"The Simplicity Of The Vision" watch free listen free
G1204-D6  $10
Larry Stockstill
"Members, Multipliers & Mentors" watch free listen free
G1204-D7  $10
Larry Stockstill
"Jesus Wept" watch free listen free
Thursday 12th August 2004
G1204-D8  $10
Carol Hanes
"10 Reasons We Don't Evangelise" watch free listen free
G1204-D9  $10
Melanie Stockstill
"Mentoring & Shepherding" watch free listen free
G1204-D10  $10
Larry Stockstill
"The Functions Of The Twelve" watch free listen free
G1204-D11  $10
Larry Stockstill
"Transfer Of The Anointing" watch free listen free
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Jack Hanes "The Tyranny Of A Low Self Esteem"
Why is King Saul the most tragic man in the Bible? He was hand-picked by God but he did not become great and succeed because he was little in his own eyes. Does your low self esteem limit the hopes of your city or nation that God has entrusted to you from becoming a reality?
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